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Hello 👋,
I'm Darshan Pandya (@itznotabug) 😁.

With an MBA and a deep-seated passion for technology, I've carved a niche at the intersection of business and tech. My technical curiosity began with modding my first Android phone using CyanogenMod, sparking a career that spans mobile app development, open source projects, AdTech, Firebase & Appwrite.

As a self-taught developer, I adopt a user-centric approach to software development, focusing on solving real-world problems and making technology accessible. I'm committed to producing clear documentation to demystify complex technical concepts for a broader audience.

Today, I combine my technical skills with strategic business insights to create practical solutions that meet real business demands. I am dedicated to continuous learning and active collaboration in the tech community, aiming to stay ahead of industry trends and enhance collective knowledge.

Darshan Pandya