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AppExpress Essentials

Published on: May 23, 2024

AppExpress Essentials

I developed AppExpress to enhance navigation within Appwrite Functions, inspired by the express.js framework. The initial reception was positive, demonstrating a clear need for a straightforward yet powerful solution. This led to my pursuit of enhancing its extensibility, including the ability to integrate custom view engines and middleware.

These enhancements were not directly requested by the community but stemmed from my view to simplify the framework, making it effortless to incorporate middleware or view engines. In a related development, Matej Bačo, Appwrite's Function Engineer, showed an interest in a JSX view engine especially since Hono supports it natively.

In response to these developments, I am excited to introduce AppExpress Essentials. This repository marks a crucial step toward creating an ecosystem for Functions, featuring integrations specific to AppExpress such as middleware, view engines, and web compression.

The repository currently includes:

  1. React View Engine 🎉
  2. ZSTD Web Compression
  3. Middleware for handling favicon, cookie removal, and content minification

As needs and use cases evolve, I plan to extend and enhance this suite of features. This is just the beginning!

Repository -

Darshan Pandya