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First iOS App

Published on: April 26, 2020

It's been 2 weeks since I started to learn Swift and XCode in depth. I did know the basics of Swift, all those same familiar syntax.

So, to gain more in depth knowledge of Swift programming, I decided to port an Android App of mine to iOS. The app was just a side project, a utility tool to help me and my batch-mates have easy access to our college’s portal ( E-Learn) without logging in again and again…

Features -

  • Notices
  • Attendance
  • Course Plan
  • Case Studies
  • Attendance Review
  • Schedule (Offline support / Automatic background checks for updates)

Porting the app wasn't that as easy as it seemed to me. Not only because of the language wise conversion but the portal didn't have any API. I wanted to maintain the look (UI) of the App across platforms. And in a due course of just 1 week, I did it!

A complete and a working iOS App for checking out my college portal. It has a smooth Login flow, just like Android version. Same use of Material Design, making the app more appealing across platforms.

Here it is -

You’ll see that there’s a lag in Safari when I open a Notice/Case Study, it’s because of Online Google Docs, just bear with it.

So what’s next!??
Well for starters, this app cannot be shared, not even for Testing unless I have someone’s iPhone with me. And then this lockdown, ughh! Apple is way too strict on these things.

I guess, we’ll just have to wait until I create the Apple Developer Account. Ohh and if you haven’t checked out the Android version, here it is: WeSchool Android App.

Darshan Pandya