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No Application Manager (cPanel)

Published on: January 8, 2021

No Application Manager (cPanel)

I recently started to learn about WebApps, different frameworks & after that How to deploy them.

Long story short,
I now had the complete overview of what is what & how to configure it, deploy it, so I can see the "Hello World" written in different languages, on my real server & not http://localhost:SOME_RANDOM_PORT.

So, cPanel has a utility to help you 'Register' your Python / Node.Js Apps. But, it wasn't there in my cPanel 🙁. A quick-search showed me that many folks had this issue in the past, a very few resolved, others left as is.

But I finally figured out this & managed to get the 'Application Manager' in my cPanel. The solution that I used is not mine but from cPanel itself, but it barely shows up on search engines.


  • You must have root privileges.
  • Access to your VPS / WHM Terminal.
  • yum needs to be installed.


  • Go to your WHM Panel & Enable Application Manager from Feature Manager. It is in Packages > Feature Manager > Click on 'default' & tick Application Manager if not already.

  • Next, Fire up your WHM Terminal & enter below command -

    yum install ea-ruby27-mod_passenger ea-apache24-mod_env ea-nodejs10 python

    Note: ea-nodejs10 & python are optional.

If you check your cPanel, you'll see the 'Application Manager' under Software. If you don't see it, try using reboot & press enter in your WHM Terminal.

Darshan Pandya