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Why you should Notify a user to Update App?

Published on: August 20, 2018

Why you should Notify a user to Update App?

If you observed, I used the word 'Notify' because you should never force your User to Update the App unless it's too important!

For example: If your App is server sided & you currently changed some API stuffs or the updated version fixes a critical security issue then only you should force a user to Update the App!

Here in this blog post, I will be mostly covering Pros. related to Adverts (Monetization) in your App!

We all have somewhere in our App added/placed some nice Ads, be it Banner, Interstitial, Native or Rewarded Ads so that we can earn something from it. Like c'mon, who doesn't want to earn something from it? It keeps us motivated 😉!

For instance, think bout the following situation –
When an older version of your App has number of maybe Low Revenue Generating type Ads (say via Banner Ads) & your current updated App has something which will definitely boost your Revenue, say like Native Advanced or Interstitial.
The New Users will definitely help you in increasing your Revenue BUT what bout the Existing Users? "Not everyone cares to Update the App!"


RANT: WhatsApp users are an exception though hehe or unless you have an App that is popular among users & they can't stay for a while without using it!.

So here, if you implement a simple 'Update App' functionality in your App, it will surely boost your Revenue!

Now as I said, you should NEVER Block the functionality of the App by forcing the user to Update, you wouldn't like to irritate the User & make him Uninstall your App!

What you can do is simply Notify him/her via an AlertDialog or a Notification saying that he/she should Update the App for New, Exciting Features & Bug Fixes!

Question: How do I implement an Updater Functionality in my App?
Well, there are number of libraries available out there!
Even I made one & its quite light weight, but currently it isn't publicly available!

NOTICE: If you are going to implement this feature, be sure that you should only Navigate the User to Google PlayStore for Updating App & NOT DOWNLOAD a COPY of your APP from your own server!

This is a Policy Violation!

Darshan Pandya